New Models of Plate Heat Exchangers from SWEP (22/12/2017)

New Models of Plate Heat Exchangers from SWEP 1
New Models of Plate Heat Exchangers from SWEP 2

SWEP, for which Laygo manufactures plate heat exchangers gaskets compatible with its equipment, has recently introduced two new models of exchangers: the B4 and the B315. These models, like those already in its product catalogues, have all the qualities demanded by the leading industrial applications.

Compact and durable, SWEP heat exchangers offer long-term reliability and minimal maintenance. With a flexible and customised design, they also deliver unsurpassed performance and lifetime warranty.

Features of model B4

Easy to install and use, this model is small but very flexible, making it a particularly good choice for heat pump economiser applications.

The B4 allows efficient heat exchange in applications with extreme demands on compactness and narrow temperature approaches.

Also, the B4 has a mechanical design that makes it suitable for high-pressure refrigerants, and it is effortless to install and use.

Features of model B315

Equipped with 3" ports in a compact 10" x15" envelope, the new B315 model is based on an open but robust internal design that facilitates low-pressure drop and high flow rates with full utilisation of the plate area.

In addition, Model 315 offers an efficient and robust stainless steel solution that delivers not only lifetime benefits but also quality benefits for applications such as refrigerated air dryers, low-temperature internal cycle systems and heat recovery from coolers, air compressors, steam modules, combined heat and power.

Moreover, the 315 has significant efficiency gains compared to other SWEP models.

You can check the SWEP models compatible with Laygo Gaskets at the following link: