New Plate Models for Kelvion Heat Exchangers (formerly Gea Ecoflex) (23/10/2017)

New Plate Models for Kelvion Heat Exchangers (formerly Gea Ecoflex) 1

Kelvion, formerly Gea Ecoflex, for which Laygo Gaskets manufactures compatible gaskets for its plate heat exchangers, has recently supplemented with new models its range of plates for heat exchangers, especially those for viscous media and particles.

The new models have a sheet space broader than those of the previous series, which allows an efficient heat treatment in viscous media and liquids with particle diameters up to 5 mm.

Moreover, the plate corrugation is also very wide which allows to assure a highly turbulent flow in all its points and to counteract the fouling.

As a result, the new plate models are very suitable for applications in the production of sugar, primarily for use with thick juice and syrup. Other areas of application are the bioethanol production, in the treatment of industrial wastewater and petrochemical processes.

They also have a PosLoc assembly that results in a re-assembly of heat exchangers after cleaning or survey. PosLoc also ensures optimum centring of the plates package, a fact that positively affects the life of its gaskets.

Finally, it is important to emphasise that the new models are compatible with those of the series NT150L and can be replaced by the new ones without implying a very high economic expense.

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