Advantages of Plate Heat Exchangers Gaskets and Frames (28/09/2017)

Advantages of Plate Heat Exchangers Gaskets and Frames 1

Laygo Gaskets, a specialist in the manufacture of plate heat exchangers gaskets, and with a long experience in the sector, has an R&D laboratory that develops its gaskets adapted to the needs of each of its customers and with advantages that make them a unique and exclusive product.

Plate heat exchangers with Laygo Gaskets provide efficient heat transfer in compact equipment with a reduced size.

Typically, these gaskets have a flexible design; they can be manufactured in different qualities of rubber and the exchangers where they are housed are easy to maintain. Also, the fact they can be part of a wide and quality range of products, make them ideal for being used in heating, cooling, heat recovery, evaporation and condensation tasks. All of them for industries as diverse as those related to refrigeration engines, the dairy and food industry, or in heavier processes such as chemical processing, oil production or power generation.

For further information about the services offered by Laygo Gaskets and its plate heat exchanger gaskets, please contact with its sales department.