Hybrid Heat Exchangers Efficiency in Bitumen Processing (30/08/2017)

Hybrid Heat Exchangers Efficiency in Bitumen Processing 1

Hybrid heat exchangers provide a solution that efficiently manages variations that can occur between temperature and pressure. This is why it perfectly combines the benefits of plate heat exchangers and the technology found in a shell and tube heat exchanger.

Hybrid designs use a plate on one side and a tube on the other so that handling a substance such as bitumen, highly viscous, is done more efficiently and reduces the fouling it produces. As a result, reliability in this type of technology increases and maintenance costs are reduced considerably.

Moreover, their use allows  run times for longer which, potentially, can increase the overall productivity of the plant where they are installed and offer bitumen producers a solution that reduces the cost of installation.

These types of heat exchangers meet the thermal requirements reliably, minimise fouling potential and offer a design that can be adequately cleaned.

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