SWEP Presents a New Plate Heat Exchanger (26/06/2017)

SWEP Presents a New Plate Heat Exchanger 1

The new B649HT heat exchanger by SWEP, for which Laygo manufactures compatible plate exchanger gaskets, was introduced last January as a new model ideal for a wide variety of applications.

Among these applications are those related to zone cooling with concise temperature directions, zone heating start terminals, pressure controls and high-efficiency ORC methods.

The B649 is ideal for heating and cooling public networks. The use of BPHE material, which is used to transfer heat and has high capacity, represents an apparent saving in spare parts, space, energy expenditure, transfers and installation.

The new model joins AHRI's range of weld plate heat exchangers. These certificates are verified to be used in heating, air conditioning and commercial refrigeration equipment. 

For further information about Laygo's gaskets models compatible with SWEP devices, you can check the following link: http://www.laygo.com/en/10847/SWEP_TM_.htm